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How to pick the right glasses for your face shape?

Why do some people look very attractive in glasses, but not so good when you try them on? This is because everyone has different facial shapes. The shape of your face will determine the types of style that suit you and styles that  don't look so good. So, how to make sure what my facial type is and which type of glasses match my face shape?

Please pull your hair away from your face, look directly into the mirror, and carefully observe the overall shape and contour of your face and head. Then, just refer to our ultimate guide for face shapes and styles that best suit these shapes, which will make you find the right glasses for your facial shape. A right pair of glasses can enhance your style and make you look nice and feel great!

Here are the six main face shapes and the best glasses frame types for each facial shape.

1. Round

Round Face
Round face, short face, wide forehead, plump cheeks, round chin, soft jaw. For you, you need to balance the roundness of your face.

We recommend:

We can choose rectangular, square and narrow glasses frames to modify facial lines, because they lengthen the face and make the round face look thinner and longer.

Try to avoid:

Circular frames and oversized glasses should be avoided since they  make your face look rounder.

2. Oval

Oval Face
The oval face has higher and wider zygoma, the jaw is slightly narrower, and the oval face structure is the most balanced one.

We recommend:

Almost all frame shapes are suitable for you, but in order to maintain this natural balance, it is best to choose a mirror frame as wide or slightly wide as the widest part of the face.

Try to avoid:

Avoid smaller frames, since they may add unnecessary lengths to your oval face.

3. Triangle

Triangle Face
The triangular face has a broad forehead, wide cheeks and a narrow jaw tip. The best frame should minimize the width of the top of the face and restore balance to the overall appearance.

We recommend:

In order to weaken the facial shape which is too sharp and angular, it is most suitable to wear round and oval glasses to ease the more rigid lines of the face. Light colors, lightweight materials and half-frame styles can also help, and cat-eye-shaped frames are also a good choice.

Try to avoid:

Avoid too-narrow frames. If it is too narrow, it can not cover the prominent part of the zygoma.

4. Square

Square Face
Squares usually have a strong jaw and a broad forehead, and face width and length have roughly the same proportion. So you need to soften the angle of the chin, and ultimately make the face look longer.

We recommend:

Square face is suitable for glasses with round or elliptical frames, which make the outline of the face more rounded. Frameless and semi-framed are good choices.

Try to avoid:

Avoid thin, angular and square frames, which have the opposite effect and make the rest of the face look unbalanced.

5. Heart

Heart Face
The heart-shaped face has a broad forehead, while the chin narrows to a certain extent. We should try our best to choose the frame with smooth curves, so as to balance the vision of the face.

We recommend:

Elliptical thick rim glasses are the perfect choice. Frameless glasses can also be a good choice.

Try to avoid:

Avoid narrow upper and lower glasses, such as pilots and half-frame glasses, which emphasize the wide part of the face.

6. Rectangle

Rectangle Face
A rectangular face is longer than a wide one and has a long straight cheek line. Large square frames are best suited for rectangular surfaces, helping to make the face look shorter and more balanced.

We recommend:

Choose glasses with relatively high frames to allow more facial coverage to reduce facial length.

Try to avoid:

A narrow frame will make your face look longer.
Facial shape is not the only factor that determines which frame is best for you. When picking the frame, your hairstyle and color, dressing style and skin color also play an important role. The best glasses will complement the color of your face, eyes and hair.

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